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Examples of Our Custom Work

Metal Spinning, Stamping, Fabrication

See Our Online Store for Common Products.

Here at FPI we work with many metal types and thicknesses. Typically we run materials from .020″ to .125″ and diameters from 1/2″ to 25″.

We can provide shaped metals in an infinite number of sizes and shapes also adding many other operations up to and including finished goods. Here we are only showing Brass, Copper and Stainless Steel mostly spun as they are less commonly used than Aluminum and Cold Roll Steel. You can see the shapes we can make is limitless.

We have a website online store for some of the more common simple parts we can provide from existing tooling in a timely fashion. Larger volume is by quotation. We excel in custom parts and encourage you to check with us for a custom quote to meet your needs.

Aluminum Spun Parts & Variety

Here is a broad range of Aluminum spun parts using 1100, 3003, 5052 and 6061 alloys. They range in material thickness from .025″ through .125″ with lengths to 16″ and diameters to 24″.

The parts we manufactured in the picture cover the industries of Aircraft, Aerospace, Air Filtration, Air Ventilation, Architectural Lighting, Landscape Lighting, Automotive and Machinery Industries. There are a huge number of industries which this kind of work can be used in.

All parts were made from tooling made in-house from wood, aluminum, cold roll steel or tool steel.

Stamped Parts All Kinds of Materials & Industries

Although stamping in a flat or formed operation is usually a support operation, we can and do make it a stand alone operation and an integral part of our many operations.

If volume is high enough we will create a progressive die where we can run coil stock through our reels and feeders or a compound die as a single station operation. We have full capability to produce tooling as needed in our Machine Shop to run it on one of our manual kickpresses all the way up to our 75 ton air cushion draw press (see our capability sheet for more information). Since we don't do large parts in general for stamping, we can heat treat most of our tooling in-house to provide quick turn around of tooling.

Materials shown are various Aluminums, Brass, Copper, Galvanized/Hot Roll/Cold Roll Steel. The parts shown here represent the industries of Aerospace, Automotive, Bicycle, Bed, Clock, Furniture, Lighting and Promotional. We have many others not shown.

Quality You Can Count On

Here is an example of a completely spun part 3 260″ diameter by .260″ height which we converted mainly to a stamping controlling the critical tolerances. This stamping had tight tolerance on most measurements of angle, radius and dimensions tighter than +/- .005″.

The part is made from .032″ 3003 aluminum and is manufactured using the processes of shearing, blanking, punching, extruding, coining, spinning, deburring. It is provided to our customer with material certification and quality inspection compliance certification documentation.

We can do this for you if required or just give you a high quality part with consistency shipment to shipment you can count on. Most of our customers do not require these kinds of procedures and documentation since they do not make aerospace parts. We do our best to insure our parts will keep you up and running, meeting your customers’ needs.

Plasma Cutting by CNC

Our CNC Plasma cutting is an accurate, repeatable, quick way to cut out flat parts that would be impractical to stamp or cut freehand with a torch.

It is inexpensive compared to waterjet, but like waterjet it cuts aluminum, brass, copper and stainless steel with less problems than laser. Some negatives of plasma cutting are it's wide heat zone and cut path. Some projects are good for plasma cutting and others are not, we will let you know.

A list of materials shown CNC plasma cut are perforated .036 steel, 3/8″, 1/4″, 11ga and 16ga Hot Roll Steel, 1/8″ and .043″copper, 16ga stainless steel, .125″ aluminum and .025″ brass.

Parts cut were made from dwg drawings, cad drawings, drawn in house on our computer, artistic drawings submitted and pictures taken. Once cut we can add value by other processes like the rolled sconce shade or spun canopy or scalloped spun bobeche. We can take your idea mechanical or artistic and convert them into metal.

Holes & Hole Patterns

Whether you need one hole, a dozen holes, or patterns of holes, we can accomplish the task through our machine shop or tooling up a fixture to do the job, usually very economically.

We have the skill and relationship with an EDM wire cut shop to make most any hole required. We can create horn dies in a relatively short time frame to manufacture your job in a timely manner. There are times where plasma, laser or waterjet made holes are more practical over mechanical tooling methods due to properties, low quantity or leadtimes may dictate.

The center of the picture has an example of a copper can from .043″ material 5″ deep with the top holes accurate tighter than .005″ centered with 2 outer diameter holes 180 degrees apart aligned with the bottom holes.

The picture here shows hole patterns on deep drawn parts needed after forming, side holes on compound and straight radius’, key holes, round, square, rectangular, oblong, oversize, slotted, curved and tapped holes.

Hollow Shapes Fabricated to Appear or Act as a Solid

This is accomplished by welding any two identical diameter parts together to make a symmetrical appearing part. Many times these parts are structurally sound enough to meet many needs of parts that would otherwise need to be machined from billet/solid blocks or rounds. Cost savings can be significant in achieving your goals.

Many times the weight of a solid or cost of a solid is prohibitive in making your final fabrication. Here we may be able to save you time, money and bring a project to a reasonable weight. Most metals we work with can be welded and blended in accomplishing your goals. Our blending techniques are excellent.

Metal Spinning, Stamping, Fabrication of Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel and Other Metals
Aluminum Spun Parts & Variety
Stamped Parts All Kinds of Materials & Industries
Quality You Can Count On
Plasma Cutting by CNC Can Be Stand Alone or a Component of a Project
Holes & Hole Patterns
Hollow Shapes Fabricated to Appear or Act as a Solid

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Fabrication is a Snap at FPI - OEM & Custom

The term iron fabrication is very general and usually does not apply to iron at all except working with the molecule, Fe. Generally the term is applied to light gauge steel (containing iron) fabrication, the act of constructing something.

In the picture you will see mostly products called Iron Fabrication. Here at FPI we build from concepts and drawings of almost any light gauge metal products you can create.

Fabrication operations we can perform are:

  • Tube Bending
  • Ring and Sheet Rolling
  • Cold Saw Cutting
  • Milling
  • Drilling
  • Tapping/Threading
  • Break Bending/forming
  • Notching
  • Welding, TIG, MIG, Spot, Oxy/Acet
  • Brazing/Soldering
  • Stud Welding
  • Finishing by Machining/Grinding/Blending/Polishing, Powdercoating
  • Punching/Pressworking
  • Spinning
  • Assembly
  • Packaging
  • Fixturing for all of the above work as needed

Submit a design for us to quote, we will create precision jigs and fixtures to make quality fabrications for you based on your tolerances.

Quality You Can Count On